Once upon a time, I thought rules were boring, that it was too much and may be oppressive.
I thought it was unfair in so many ways until I broke them. One or some of them. And I saw, oh I saw, the consequences of those sins, the broken rules, on others lives and not just mine. I saw the heartbreak. And then I saw, oh I saw the beauty of those laws that God so grandly put up. I saw why he despised sin, even the tiniest of them because they wrecked the people he so dearly loved. He warned and yet it happened. Again and again. And then he sent his holy son to my life, the one whose love is Agape love, the one who suffered all for me, to lift me out of the pit I dug and lift me out of the pit he did and put me on his shoulders, shepherd to sheep and rejoiced. I saw how he forgave so much and loved me back asking for nothing on return. His limitless love, his unending grace holding me close and then he held out his hand and walked with me. Every step, every day. And I rejoiced because he took my broken pieces and put them together, and made me more beautiful than I had ever prayed for. He did not just shush my storms. He taught me to smile when the waves almost capsized my boat. My only wish, my dear father, my Lord, my best friend and forever love is to join you at the feast of Abraham sitting near you as Mary and John did and listen to every word you say, to one day love you like you do me, and to live in your will.




Satyr #1 .3

Day 3 :

Damnation. The time was past. She was not to be seen.

Should have asked her name.

The breeze gusted. The pigeons flew back to their nests and night came. Hours flew by and he stayed.

It was late. He stepped out and behind him, the doors closed and the lights fell. Darkness swooned in on his lonely soul. He walked towards home breathing in the night’s air.

Only the dim street lights shone.

The city was asleep.




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Satyr #1.2

Day 2 :

He had arrived early.There was confusion. Should he reclaim his throne or should he…..?


He lingered around and stared at the empty chair for a few seconds.

No, he could not bring himself to not let her have his place of solace.

Let her have the seat if she comes.

Would she come today?  Only if she came!

Really? Cut it out, you! You don’t even know her name.

He fancied a wishing well. He could just drop a coin and voila! There would be a burst of thunder and a bolt of lightning. Smoke would curl up from the ground and she would walk out of the smoky screen.

He sat there for what seemed like an eternity wishing she’d come if only to see a second time.

How could a man like him engage in such frolic thoughts?For all he knew, she was a perfect stranger. She could be the devil himself in the angel’s clothes. She could be a gold smuggler or a swindler. She could be nothing but a cheat.

Well, those would be the logical mind’s thoughts. Never ever to fall in love with a true stranger. But does the stubborn heart ever listen? Stranger or not, her eyes would deny all logical fallacies.

Stranger or not, his heart would only look at her eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the innermost being and he could only see kindness and insatiable uncorrupted love in those charming eyes. Continue reading “Satyr #1.2”