And when the darkness swarmed all of her,

Her cracks and pits,

On her scarred face he kissed,

And in his light she basked,

silver beams, her beauty sparked.

The oceans moved and the stars shimmered,

And in his arms,

She burned all night,

His beautiful queen.

Note : This is not a love poem 😀 It’s a poem about how the moon’s luminescence is stimulated by the impact of charged particles from solar flames besides the reflected sunlight.


Quotes #1

“Prayer does not change God. It changes him who prays.”

– Unknown

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer

-Arthur Camus

“We are all broken, that’s how light gets in”

-Ernest Hemingway

“I fall in love with souls,not faces”

-Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

“I am still on my zigzag way, pursuing the diagonal between reason and heart.”

-Ruskin Bond

“The brook would lose its song of you removed the rocks”


Microfiction #5

I snuck out of my sari and went to bed. He was lying cosily, his eyes gazing at me. I curled up next to him and  looked into his eyes. It was drizzling outside and  the smell of the fresh ground hung in the air. I warped my legs over his and in the night’s cool embrace, this is love, I thought.


Blogtober #3 : Lost and found

The most beautiful thing in life is relationships. This is to those that I lost and to those that Life carried along.

I remember playing around with her, exploring, singing ringa ringa roses in front of the school waiting for our auto to take off, sitting on her lap in the auto, going to nursery, running with the spoon in our mouths balancing a lemon, going to her with all my quirky doubts about life, she had all the answers. She was my first friend, but more like a big sister.

There was one incident during my little sister’s baptism where another girl wouldn’t get off my swing and the little angel that I was, was pretty annoyed. She immediately came to my rescue and sent the little girl scurrying and gave me back my prized throne aka the swing.

I don’t know how we drifted apart but  I remember missing her through the years.  I still prayed for her on her birthday even though I didn’t wish her.

I got quiet over the years, talked very little and to very few people. I met her again a few months ago and she is the same sweet loving person that she was, voice a little different from what I remember though. I’ll always regret the drifting away part- how or why. This is to say that I always cared and I always will and that you matter to me.



Blogtober #2

Clouds are little curios. You look at them and see what you want to see. Two turtles of a swarm swimming towards each other, a man running a marathon, a giant arrow in the sky, anything is possible in the kingdom of clouds.

It’s a quiet cool day and as the sun spreads her yellow wings and flies down the ocean into a deep sleep, the cirrus clouds mark their territory in a line spreading white down and right leaving blank the other half of the canvas. On the east, a cumulous cloud spreads large and plays shapeshifter. The yellow flowers, Roho, you call them,  spreads out as a carpet beneath the tree near the pond.

It’s amazing what an evening walk and a majestic sunset can do. The little pleasures in life, the simple ones are the ones that get us going. Life holds not much to it if not for these little pleasures. “Forever is made up of nows”.

hounded by loneliness,
fear and anxiety.
in the dark side
in the unknown
waiting for the storm to pass by
when life is so not fair
I know you are still with me, Jesus.
Friend so faithful. My forever love
You are good
even when life is not
Your love abounds
Your hand consoles
My hope in the dark, Jesus, you are.
I know you are waiting
to heal me, to touch me,
to sink me in your immense AGAPE love.
I know you are
Waiting for me
waiting to show me the light
waiting to shower me with your joy.
I know you are good and I know you are love.
You know me, my whole self and yet you love,
even my broken bits.
You are good. My forever love.

Why Science writing?

In the cold dead of the night, even in the scurry of a hundred street lights, an orange star shines brightly above the belt, on the Hunter’s right shoulder. A red supergiant on the verge of exploding into a supernova, Betelgeuse is a true enigma.

Betelgeuse is twenty times larger than our sun, so massive that in the sun’s place, it could very well swallow up the earth. Such a massive star should spin slowly as when size increases, the rotation rate should decrease. But that is not the case with the red giant, a 2016 study says. It’ spinning faster than it actually should. Why? The study speculates that a 100 thousand years ago, Betelgeuse may have gobbled up its companion star about the size of our sun, transferring the angular momentum of the companion star to the giant and thus securing its ultra-fast rotation. Betelgeuse may well be, a vampire star.

Stars don’t live alone. They live in clusters. They are born from the same clouds of gas and dust. They live and age together in the same cluster. Some of them share their gravitational field with a companion star, near or far away from them and they exist as binary systems. They rotate and traverse their orbit and sometimes when in a straight line with their companion, eclipse the other. It’s a beautiful relationship.

Artist’s impression of a vampire star and its companion star. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada/S.E. de Mink

In some of these binary pairs, where one orbits the other or in a shared gravitational field where they orbit close together, there is a possibility that these two stars could merge. There is also the chance of the low mass companion star pulling off materials from the surface of the larger star, rejuvenating itself, smiling blue and younger defying age. The low mass star is dubbed a vampire star. This may have what happened a 100,000 years ago when Betelgeuse became a red star or not. For all we know now, Betelgeuse is a single star.

A soul tie fashions between two stars in a binary system and the low mass star strips off material from the surface of its companion star. The low mass star and its companion now become hotter, younger versions of themselves. One sacrifices to make the other better. Though infamously called as a vampire star and its victim, the stars tell a tale of true friendship, a tale of the oneness of two kindred souls.

Return to your home base. #toremember

“I was fine,” she adds. Huh? “I will always be safe from the random hurricanes of outcome as long as I never forget where I rightfully live,” Gilbert says. That’s because her home base is the act of writing itself — not getting good reviews, watching her books become best-sellers, or selling movie rights.

How can you find your own center amid life’s sturm und drang? Identify the thing or things in this world that you love more than you love yourself, says Gilbert. “That might be creativity, it might be family, it might be invention, adventure, faith, service, it might be raising corgis.”

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