Looking inside.


I would love to start with a quote or a line or two from a poem. Sadly, I don’t remember any.

OMG, there are a lot of people in this world with a lot of ‘freaking’ talents.

People who can sing like the nightingale, dance like the peacock ( or the peahen ?) , make a speech with

Extraordinary eloquence, write an engrossing book, skate, run, laugh, smile, eat and chew other people’s minds, seriously. Some people can even squirt water through the eye and access their sneeze button with a wave of the hand.


Do YOU belong to any of this category?


Sorry, I left out a couple of other talents. People can memorize and spit out the whole Ramayana, Hamlet or Macbeth.

People can anagram ,criticize, mind read, palm read, predict the future and sense catastrophes. People can be good at who they are. People can do a lot of other things, well.




Are you one of them, people?


If yes, you might not get me what I put in paper, so, it is not advisable to read further.


But most often I end up wrong, it’s safe not to take my advice and please, read on.

I believe I am a terrible writer. I hope none of you folks agree with me though. But you see , though I’m terrible at it I can’t help doing it. I’m horribly in love with the whole idea of writing and being a writer.

One day, I hope to be a known writer nevertheless. One can find hope in the most strange places , I have heard. Hoping against hope.

I love music. I don’t sing though I’d love to. I love to watch a dance performance. I can’t dance though I’d love to. I love to hear eloquent speeches and perceive the gestures and tools employed by the speaker. I’d love to get on a stage and carry the crowd away with my words but I get stage fright and stutter.

Frankly speaking, I love a lot of things but I don’t have  any of these talents to do the things I love. ( I forgot to mention that I can’t draw even an apple).

The only thing I knew was to study and read as much as I can for the sake of pleasure.

Books are like drugs. Once bitten, you will never get out the magic drug off your brains. You will forever be trapped in the vortex of other worlds. You will be a time traveller,  a spirit, and a lover of this drug of paper.

As I was saying, the only thing I was good at was scoring marks for the exams. Now that seems to have changed too since I became too lazy to open my text books. Laziness is contagious. It runs in the family. Laziness is hereditary. It’s not my fault if I am lazy. It’s my genes that cause the trouble.


So the big question I am facing is :

Am I any good at something?

I do not know.

A person minus all this could be good at something. Giving and taking love.

When the rain falls, I pause and let the drops shiver down my spine. I let the earthy smell of the fresh ground seep in . I watch each sunset like I have never seen one before. Every time the music of the wind and the sea plays in my ears, it entrances me and nothing would stop me from shivering in their pleasure.



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