Reverse Bucket list #1

Came upon this idea while reading this post

It’s easier to create a bucket list , to think of all the new things you want to experience, to do. I am cooped up at home trying to figure out ‘ What’s next?’ and I have been feeling that I’m in limbo.  So here I am, counting  my blessings and reminiscing how good life has been to me,

  1.  Spent an evening stargazing at Kavalur.

The entire observatory is stretched out in a 100 acre forest land in the Javedi hills of the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.I spent the day roaming about the beautiful stretch of land and climbing trees 😀 .  ‘The Vainu Bappu Telescope’ here was the largest telescope in Asia until the ARIES telescope launched last year. I sat in awe in a corner ,cross-legged, on the floor of the gigantic room that housed the telescope.I was too scared to step out on the catwalk , I stood there looking out at the picturesque scenery that lay in my vision, the bright beautiful flowers, the giant trees and the hills combed out far ahead . Evening came, and the entire 100 acres of forest was engulfed in darkness ,I lay on the prickly grass staring at the multitude of stars above me , a soothing calm  growing inside me. I spotted a few artificial satellites blinking through the sky , they are a common occurrence, it seems. I could also make out the different constellations that adorned the beautiful sky, Orion, the hunter; the Big Dipper.

It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I lived near the beach and I had spent many a night under the starry sky but this day was different. The starry sky was a picture that no artist could paint. There were more stars in the sky than I have ever had seen.What amazes me more is that when you are looking at the multitude of stars out there, you are looking at their past, you are looking at what happened  plenty of light years away.

The observatory is open to the public during some days of the week. It’s not a place that many would visit but to any photographers who are reading this, it’s your paradise, a ticket to many perfect shots.



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