Be you ,be beautiful


Life’s got its crazies and laughs about us. The ONE thing that you can always have and not let go -yourself- who you are.

Society has got its definitions for how you should sit,stand and crouch. You are awkward. You are weird and when people look at you , all they see is ‘ plain Jane’. All THEY SEE IS THE MASK YOU ARE WEARING. Letting them see the who behind the mask is not easy. One or two have seen ‘you know who’ and they have been pretty shell shocked. You may not exuberate confidence. You might be weird,kiddish and scared. But there is more to you. There are a thousand worlds within you, dancing away in your imagination.No one can see them, your castles. You are cosy in your own bubble not letting anyone in.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,they say. It’s true. Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder. So, go look at the mirror,look at you, you might not be “Chubby cheeks,rosy lips,curly hair and very fair”,but you are you with the freckles in your face, and not at all pink lips, wild hair and your twisted body.  You are kind ,selfless, full of love,patient,a best friend,a good sister, and a good daughter. You don’t just think about yourself. You care about the people around you,even those not your own.You are you, you are unique.

Pretending,putting on a mask is easy but it’s pure joy when you take off your hide. Let go off your awkwardness, you are beautiful.


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