Growing up has its fair share of difficulties. You need to know who you are.

You need to figure out if you are like one of the birds that can fly, the cute creature that greets you with a meow or the big people.


You soon figure out who you are. You learn your name.  You figure out stuff like  the  suspender   hanging out from your  body is called a hand and you  can lift things with it, hold it and even throw stuff!


You learn to talk . You walk. You dance. You sing. You climb trees.


You learn the colours of the rainbow.

You learn the names of the trees and the flowers.

You love life even without knowing what it is.



And then, you  realise  that without your own knowledge  that you love the trees, the flowers that abound  in plenty, the waves of the river and all things beautiful. You look up at the stars in the sky with a twinkle in your eye and music in your heart. Your heart dances to the rhythm of the spectacular dancer who  is occasionally  thrown down from the sky.  You talk to the plants. Your heart rejoices with the golden hue of  autumn  and when the  tree stands bare in the winter, you wish for spring.

You love to  ‘love’.


Spring comes and with it ,new life.


The silence of the heart breaks with  the winter and out of spring rises a new song.


A long time afterwards.

You change. You grow up.


You forget the trees. You  forget  the rain. You forget the sea. You forget your  silliness.

You forget your childhood pal.

You forget things that you loved most.



You forget the nostalgic silence.


You forget the music of your heart.


Your heart does not dance anymore .


You are not ‘you’ anymore.


You are different. You are grown up. You are consumed by the practical thoughts that haunts the human race.


You cut down your  favourite  tree to  make a door for your house.

You  forget your friend because you are busy. You don’t see the stars anymore. You don’t dance in the rain anymore.

Now, it’s just rain. It’s just sand. It’s just the sea. It’s just the moon and the stars. It’s nothing spectacular.


What is spectacular is the Mercedes Benz u crave to buy, the latest  gadget that you crave to own, the  expensive dress you want to wear.


You have forgotten  you.


As for me, I haven’t changed a bit. I am still the same. The moon is in my heart.


But you out there, have you  forgotten?


Its time you remember.


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