To pull or push?

I had just got my chicken tikka sub at subway and after staring at the raspberry cheesecake cookies on their shelf , which btw looks absolutely  yummilicious (Is that a word?), I was at the door that screamed pull and for a second there I was wondering if I should pull out or push in? Happens a lot to me.

Happened a lot to me too. At the entrance coaching center where I made a fool of myself a gazillion times, I was going in to explain to this hard ass teacher why I made a stupid mistake and I couldn’t get in. I was pushing and pushing and the rest of the staff sitting around the door were asking me to pull a dozen times , exasperated after a while, I finally pulled and ta da, I got in! (No doubt to get shouted at).

The other dilemma that I constantly find myself in – to turn left or right when they say right or left. During my pilates session, my trainer says lift your right leg and I do my left leg.Rode pillion behind my friend once and gave her directions,  we ended up lost and in a fight.Not to mention the innumerable assembly meetings or the PE sessions I screwed up. I was captain a year in school and being a captain meant that I had to do the march with the other captains of my house on sports day for the competition. They drilled me. We didn’t win, apparently one girl was putting her left foot down when the others were putting down their right. Their stony death glares somehow didn’t make me wince, after all I had begged to be let out! There are many more from where these stories came from  and I am stopping now. I’ll air more of my dirty laundry at a later post.

Until next time,



P.S : Don’t hesitate to spill if you have done the same. Misery loves company 😀


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