Bookworm in the wild

What happens when you let loose a bookworm at a book fair?

Yesterday was fun,much much fun at the Sharjah International Book Fair.  I bought “Swimmer among the stars” by Kanishk Tharoor and a space encyclopedia and my meagre savings took a downward dip. But the books are totally worth it. I only regret not going on the 5th and meeting the author and getting it signed.It’s the title that caught me. I almost wish I had thought it for myself for my imaginary book which I promise myself I would finish the next year on my birthday every year. The author has cooked an eclectic mixture of tales, told surreally beautiful. (I am on it, expect a full review soon!)

I had to restrict myself from getting a copy of “And the mountains echoed” and “Gone Girl”. The movie version of  “Gone Girl” kept me awake a whole night and after reading the last couple of chapters of the book, I am so glad that I didn’t read the whole book. It’s  terribly amazing. We all know that the movie versions are always just the tip of the iceberg. You need to read the book to live it. I can honestly say that it is one book that would imprint itself in your brains.The imagination of the author and his work is beyond applaudable. But I’d rather not read the whole book and give myself a restless month ahead.

The books were calling out “Read me”, “Read me” and before I wiped my meagre savings clean,  I escaped to the beach in front of the Sharjah expo centre. It was serene, the weather was perfect and the afternoon was gratifying. The waves jumped above each other and sung a Song in its own beautiful rhythm. I sat there under the shade of the palm trees listening for a while and decided to let the shallow sea soothe my feet. The afternoon sun basked and warmly kissed my knee and the flowing waters hugged my feet in a cool embrace. I found a starfish and two, I let them be. I also found a crab which fled me as soon as I moved my feet and shoals of fish near the shore which is not unusual in this weather. On my way home, I noticed this flock of birds flying about in circles in exactly the same portion of the sky, I wonder why. It’s autumn and winter’s on its way , there is no better time to be out and playing.


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