Microfiction #1


I am beginning a new series of writings, to be more precise, Microfiction. I have read countless short stories and written some  and though I am not a master weaver, I am excited to put my imagination to paper. Let me know what you think.

She wrote in a flurry, the stories her heart told her of blue skies and autumn .

The pen rushed over to take in the picturesque  park where two lovers sat under a tree in autumn holding hands with their hearts full of  hope . She looked into his eyes and saw promise.

The writer stopped in her tracks , thought for a moment, crushed the paper and flung it off the table.




5 thoughts on “Microfiction #1

  1. I don’t see why, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s about an author weaving a beautiful tale of love in autumn… but then says… no too cliche and crumples it up and tosses it. I wonder if the series is just going to be stories the author begins but then hates 🤔 lol or I could be way way WAAAAAAY off.

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    1. Yes. Someone, finally got it. And NO, it’s not gonna be stories the author starts and hates! 😅 It’s all gonna be different, hopefully! I am just gonna put pen to paper and see where it goes! I have got a few ideas but when I write I go with the flow. I just read your James Grey part 1. Love it. 😊

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      1. Haha, Sorry your friends disappointed you! I am completely the same way when it comes to writing, it I have more random unfinished stories hidden away than I know what to do with!

        I’m glad you enjoyed it! I felt awkward posting a full-length chapter; I always wonder if I should go back and separate it. Fear not, though! The rest of the parts have been condensed into easy to read chunks haha Thanks for the read though 😀

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