To-do list #3 Feb

I wouldn’t say that my To-do list#2  Jan was a huge success. But it was “okay”, I learned a bit of html, my photography skills are a tad better and I have picked up snippets of knowledge in astronomy ( I am the worst star gazer ever, living in a bright lit city  with only Orion, Sirius and the winter triangle in my view).

For Feb,

  1. Pilates,cardio and schroth exercises, 45 mins every day.
  2. Mathematical Physics : because I suck at it. (Any help is valued!)
  3. A scripture verse a day
  4. Html: go beyond the basics!
  5. Photography: Finish the online course.
  6. Astronomy : Better learn the winter sky.
  7. Read : The silent spring by Rachel Carson.
  8. oooo and bake!!!

And onto you, are you putting off things you have to do today for tomorrow? Let me tell you a way to cure that most common disease called procrastination,the Zeigarnik effect. Zeignarnik, a Russian psychologist, on sitting down in a restaurant in Veinna noticed that the waiters only remembered the orders that were on the process of being served, and when finished, it was wiped off spoof from their minds.She immediately set out to investigate this, pulled up participants and gave them twenty or more tasks to do, like solving puzzles. Then, she interrupted them between the tasks and  found that they remembered the tasks that were interrupted and half finished rather than what was completed.

When you leave something unfinished, it tugs at you, and sticks on to the back of your mind.This is why, most series end in cliffhangers, to keep you hanging! We are desperate to find out what’s next whether it’s a book or a TV series.

So, if you are putting off something, just give yourself the push and make that small start, for when once you begin, you are bound to complete it or it leaves you restless by the Zeigarnik effect. Make that start.







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