Bent not broken#2 (On a break)


Three more days to the surgery. Hold me in your prayers. I don’t know when I’ll be able to post next. I’ll be in the ICU for a few days and then under bed rest. 

Perfect love casts out fear. The God of everything, the lily of the valley, my rose, my Lord is with me. He said, “Cast your anxiety on me for I care for you”. So, I gave him my burden and he is amazing enough to work miracles. ☺

Hope you all out there are well. Catch you with a quirky post as soon as I am back.




5 thoughts on “Bent not broken#2 (On a break)

  1. You’re having surgery? I hope I hadn’t not noticed when you mentioned it previously! I wish you tonnes of luck, but it will be fine. Operations are scary, I know all too well (had one in December last year) but it’s not going to go wrong, they never do to be honest, the doctors know what they are doing. Stay strong, and we’ll be waiting for you the next time you’re back🙂

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    1. Thankyou so much! There was an earlier post on it. I hope you are doing good from yours. ☺ By God’s grace I dont feel that scared. Thats amazing coz ,normally i faint at the sight of a needle. Praying. Are you all okay now?

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      1. Oh no, I’m so sorry I didn’t read it or leave you a comment earlier! That’s great that you don’t feel that scared, thats amazing! But i wish you luck anyway🙂 And yeah I’m all ok now, it was so frustrating because my operation was on the 22nd of December, so I spent Christmas not as myself, which sucked big time😔 Bu

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