Lost and found #1

For the past month or two, I have been trying to get up and write, ideas fleeted through and yet when I  looked to pen them down, words vanished.

My last past was “I’m back” but truthfully speaking, I wasn’t though I meant to. I thought about giving up blogging but I couldn’t. I am in some ways lost and this was a medium to rediscover myself, I know some pieces of myself but there are parts that are still confusing.

I have been trying to change my life around, become a better person, more kind, more patient , knowledgeable,  but there are still parts of me that is hard to let go.

To the confusing bits of myself, to the clueless bits of myself, listen : you know what you want, you know who you want to be me, do not give up, strive harder, you know your goal , if it is not working, change the way you go about it.

And with that, I’m truly back.




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