Random ramblings #unknown 2 (I think)

I woke up with a headache. Last night, I had a fantabulous (yes, that is a word) time eating  Pav Bhaji  at a local North Indian restaurant. But of course, I had to wake up with a throbbing headache. It turns out that butter triggers headaches for me. Also, flavored ice creams. I had a really buttery toast one day and the next day, *crying emoji* I had a headache worse enough that I could not open my eyes. Why I wonder. Is there a scientific explanation for it?

Winter is here. It is that time of the year when Sir Summer has snuck off to his secret abode and the cool embrace of Lady Winter has wrapped us close. At dusk, there are flocks of pigeons circling the spires of the tall beautiful church when the sky breaks out in rose gold, and the Half Moon up above in a fit of envy gazes at the Earth clad in blue, green and white stunning against the backdrop of that legion of stars. How I wish I was an astronaut up in the International Space Station, I really wouldn’t mind the close quarters for that priceless view.

Winter is here and my favourite beach is closed off for construction. They are tarring very close to the shore and putting up a chain of fast food restaurants. How it breaks my heart. Some places should be left as it is.

There is much more to write and much more to do. However, Procrastination is my new best friend and I must listen to his voice in my head, “Later” and off I go.



2 thoughts on “Random ramblings #unknown 2 (I think)

  1. Hello Jovi! I found your little space in the community pool!! So glad I did, amazing write up, keep writing and inspire us…… surely will be waiting for more!!
    Please do visit my blog and give me your feedback. I also followed you and would appreciate it a lot if you follow me back, let’s be friends 🙂

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