Becoming beautiful

I am human. And choosing to be the best of me is a wrought task. It’s beyond hard, and the most difficult journey anyone could embark on. But rest assured, if you try and let the little voice in your heart echo loud, you will not lose your perspective. Let the little voice be the big voice.

Let yourself be a better human, think before you talk and always think about others. In the end, riches, fame and glory fade but the love and kindness that you showed and showered on your dears and fellow beings stay. Love is all that matters and not what your current situation is. Be happy that you can give love and receive love. You are blessed for it. When you have the choice to be right or to be kind, always, always be kind.

I have come a long way in my quest to be better. I’m not quite there yet but I’m on my way.

And sometimes when I lose sight of me, I should remember my strengths and that I am a wonderful human being. I am loved and blessed. I am beautiful the way God made me.

On my quest, I have realised that me without Christ is an empty shell of a human being. But me with Christ, touched by His grace, shielded by His unfailing love, sheltered by His protective wings, is beautiful and I am perfect and WHOLE in him. I am a new human being. He has made me realise what love is and what becoming better and beautiful is. He has given me spiritual gems that I need to adorn. Me with Christ is a beautiful human being. Me with Christ is love unlimited.

You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are a creation of love. And it’s that love that pushes you to be the better person you ought to be and its that love that makes you born again, a new human being, shaped by God’s hands, adorned with kindness, faith, love, strength, hope, and joy. Bask in that love.

2 thoughts on “Becoming beautiful

  1. Beautiful thoughts! But, what is the meaning of ‘being better’. Is it being sinless. Once after confession I went out immediately to check if I could grow grass where I step! It did not work that day! I thought I would be able, finally, to grow at-least some grass and fight deforestation!. Since that day I started researching a lot and I was able to discover some sins that were hiding within me. I ran a bunch of trials and the results came out positive. I’m a terrible person!! I’m happy about the discoveries(that’s what I call being better) because I came to know what really to fight. My point is that being Christian is a hard task, but it is worth fighting for. Do your thoughts resonate with mine? All the best.

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    1. Exactly! Do you know how hard it is to acknowledge your own faults? Kudos to you on that. After that it’s working on how to eliminate.Being a Christian means that you don’t have to work on it alone. You know that the Almighty will help you on your quest. A lot of introspection after, and reading the Bible, I came to understand that what Christ wants from us to be this person that embodies him, and that is to be beautiful and better. To me that would mean, not being angry or judgemental, seeing everyone as Christ sees them, forgiving people who have wronged me and not holding a grudge and to have faith that Christ can move my mountains. Its about weeding out my bad. That’s all Christ wants from us. And I know that Christ would help us in this. “Cast your anxiety on the Lord for He cares for you”. Somewhere else he asks us to give him our heavy burden, sins or anything else, sickness,worries etc, to him and then take his yoke which is easy and light. Another place it says that He YEARNS for you. Being better and beautiful is about having a close walk, a blooming relationship with Him, thats what He created Adam for and He came down to walk with Adam through the gardens everyday! That’s what he wants from us too. Yearn for him as he yearns for us. To Love 🙂


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