Blogtober #3 : Lost and found

The most beautiful thing in life is relationships. This is to those that I lost and to those that Life carried along.

I remember playing around with her, exploring, singing ringa ringa roses in front of the school waiting for our auto to take off, sitting on her lap in the auto, going to nursery, running with the spoon in our mouths balancing a lemon, going to her with all my quirky doubts about life, she had all the answers. She was my first friend, but more like a big sister.

There was one incident during my little sister’s baptism where another girl wouldn’t get off my swing and the little angel that I was, was pretty annoyed. She immediately came to my rescue and sent the little girl scurrying and gave me back my prized throne aka the swing.

I don’t know how we drifted apart but  I remember missing her through the years.  I still prayed for her on her birthday even though I didn’t wish her.

I got quiet over the years, talked very little and to very few people. I met her again a few months ago and she is the same sweet loving person that she was, voice a little different from what I remember though. I’ll always regret the drifting away part- how or why. This is to say that I always cared and I always will and that you matter to me.



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