A lesson from 12-year-old Me

Failure is the stepping stone to success.

So sayeth someone. A 12-year-old me, in a 12-year-old’s predicament, embraced this quote, self-discipline and most importantly, prayer and depended on God to give me wisdom.

I failed in Chem. Yep, failed. Reason: I couldn’t for the life of (12-year-old)me comprehend it. I was down. I despaired. But there were another set of exams coming, the final term and 12-year old me didn’t just want to survive it. 12-year old me wanted to excel it.

I embraced this quote. I told myself that this was my step to success. It wasn’t a step-down.  I pulled my chem text out. I laid my hands on it and prayed. I asked God to help me understand it, and give me wisdom and knowledge just like He did Solomon.

I sat down on my table, tidied it up and burned the midnight oil. I wrote up a time-table and stuck to it. Every day, every day I learned chemistry and I laid my hand on each page and prayed, each page you hear!

Exams were not far in sight, I devised a revision time-table where I revised each subject at least three times. I made mock tests, took them, corrected them, scored them and became my own teacher.

At the end of the year, I didn’t just excel in chemistry, I excelled in all the other subjects too by the grace of God. Twelve-year-old me learned a valuable lesson, twelve-year-old me also realized the value of prayer and grace, twelve-year-old me also understood the reaps of a self-disciplined life.

25-year-old me forgot all these lessons and the brave strong persevering heart of a 12-year-old me, in a 25-year-old’s predicament. Looking back, 25-year-old me is immensely proud of 12-year-old me and now let me take this booster of lessons, run my race, jump over my hurdles and touch the skies.


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