Firefly nights and favorite flowers

I realize my title has nothing to do with the togetherness of my post, even so it’s titled Firefly nights because that was the highlight of my day.

I had stepped out into our terrace last night . A cloud of serenity embraced me. The seas were rumbling afar and a hundred little fireflies flickered in the dark among the coconut trees and right there under the table in the terrace. In the sky, huge beams of light like from a light house slided over one another. I think the light beams were from a show at the nearby church. I’m not sure what they for. It was beautiful up in the terrace watching the night take over, firefly nights.

I wanted to run in and grab my camera to capture the moment forever but I stopped and let it sink in my memory leaves rather than my memory card 😀

Sometimes, yes, most often you don’t need to capture those perfect moments. All you need is to savor them. This would be a night to remember.

No photo description available.

I’m going to miss my home and the rumbling of the seas lulling me to sleep every night, my absolute favorite curry leaf tree and my even more beautiful luscious hibiscus. I don’t know why but it has been my favorite flower for as long as I can remember, the red one. Wait, I actually do know. When I was small we lived in a different house with a yard that my mom had dedicated to filling with hibiscus plants of all colors, mostly red and roses. She has a green thumb, my mother. She still fills our small yard with all the plants she can find. She tends to them and cares for them. There are several types of plants rooting in water bottles and vases around our house. It’s beautiful how big they grow and how luscious. She loves the different colored Hibsicus – yellow, pink, white, and red. Are there more colors?

I remember my mother from that time. She was beautiful as is now, then – strikingly so with her long luscious locks. Comfort oozed in her arms, she is the first love I had ever known, precious love, my safety blanket. She is smart and resourceful, the backbone of our home. She told me stories and taught me right from wrong. I remember how she told me the story of the shepherd who cried wolf when I was still very little, teaching me never to lie. She’d tell me little things on our walks together which really rocked the little me, I carry those values and stories with pride. She is also a writer like I am and weaves the most beautiful stories. She offers you the right advice at any given moment. I have seen people seek her out to tell her their problems and she’d be the best listener and dole out the right advice. She is a woman of prayer, much like the Proverbs 31 woman.

My mother makes it a point to plant those red hibiscus trees everywhere, including my aunt’s house. I guess I have always subconsciously associated her with those beautiful red flowers. Maybe that’s why they are my favorite.


2 thoughts on “Firefly nights and favorite flowers

  1. Absolutely in awe with this piece of work !!!!
    The way in which you described the tiny details added to the beauty.
    And what more!!!! a huge sense of nostalgia popped up in me and i bet your work is definitely gonna leave a mark in many more who come across this.

    Liked by 1 person

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