Bucket list

  1.  Drive to the beach in the middle of the night, so you arrive just as the sun is rising. Have a breakfast picnic!
  2. Learn to swim and dive.
  3. Visit the Great Barrier reef!
  4. Drive somewhere unknown and have dinner in a city you have never been to with fake names.
  5. Walk around the city and perform silent plays in front of security cameras.
  6. Rent a movie you have never seen before. Put on mute and improvise the dialogue 😀
  7. Visit two places at once.
  8. Go on a search for good climbing trees. Climb as high as you can and take pics!
  9. Go to the airport,get the cheapest ,soonest departing flight to anywhere, and stay there for the weekend.
  10. Go star gazing. Lie down and let the green grass prickle you and all the stars of the heavens twinkle. Enjoy the light that is peeking out of the blanket of darkness. 
  11. Take a boat out to the middle of the ocean.
  12.  Bake a cake. Enhance my nil culinary skills.  (Just a beginner but I have a good feeling about this :D)
  13. Visit the Al Qudra lake .
  14.  Catch a fish and plenty of crabs.
  15. Meet up with my old pals.
  16. Fireworks. Watch the sky go boom!
  17. Go dune bashing.Sky diving
  18. Backpack across Europe and India.
  19. Finish my masterpiece.
  20. Fall in love
  21. Learn to speak French
  22. Visit an important landmark.
  23. Take the Abra
  24. Climb up a mountain