Tiny joys: A Blogging prompts challenge

Who doesn’t love blogging challenges?! Do you want to weave words about the whiff of that vanilla and coffee that just drifted in, that sparrow perched on your windows, that Bible verse that oh so comforts you? Let’s come together and create tiny joys.

Even if you are not a writer, I bet you this will give you so much joy.

I lurve lurve to write! Nothing gives me so much joy. Writing has always been my happy place. I recently discovered how awesome it is to post prompts and then came a hurricane of ideas. You can twist ’em any way you like.

Here are five prompts, one for every day! Write’em all or pick the one you like most and pen it down. Be creative and do with it whatever you like.

  1. Little things that give you pleasure
  2. A Bible verse that forever stays with you
  3. A post in French or any other foreign language.
  4. A recipe for basically anything!
  5. A curated collection.

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Nominating one of my favorite bloggers, Allison!



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My Mother

The word “Twinkle” jumps at meĀ and triggers Ā a sweet rhyme to play in my head and I immediately Ā think of the Taylor sistersĀ and their penmanship. Though its “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ” by Jane Taylor that won’t ever leave our brains , it’s “My mother” by Ann that has carved a niche in my soul. Ā For all those bookworms out there who love poetry, I can’t help but share this; Continue reading “My Mother”

Open minded

Home was a quiet place and thoughts didn’t run around much.

All my thoughts, good and bad, all in a giant basket, I walked out.

On my way, out to the big bad world, I dropped a few of them fruits from my basket ,held on to some and walked further..

A few steps down the lane and a few of them badĀ becameĀ rotten. I winced.

Should have thrown them out before. Guilt seeped in . Conscience pricked.

Yet I walked with my basketful of fruits and kept them both ,good and bad.

A few more steps down the lane, the basket was heavy and my hand swept in, grabbed them some, and threw out a few, the good.

Walked down more and then it was late, and I was hungry and I looked in my bag and there lay all of them rotten.

If only I had thrown them out, the bad.




via Daily Prompt: Vice

Dressed sloppily with unkempt hair, munching on Doritos with crumbs smeared all over the face, the TV still on, watching obsessive compulsive cleaners, living room a mess, bedroom another, dishes in the sink,…., okay, that is just being a kook.

More to come and more to go,

there are plenty of them that you call a vice.

Heck, they are not nice!

Breakfast,pizza, a slice,

All the pretty white lies,

and all of life’s spice,

brings you to pay a price.

But to abandon one’s vice

is a huge compromise

Once you do and apologise

and on life improvise,

You will find yourself in a much better place, paradise.