Satyr #1 .3

Day 3 :

Damnation. The time was past. She was not to be seen.

Should have asked her name.

The breeze gusted. The pigeons flew back to their nests and night came. Hours flew by and he stayed.

It was late. He stepped out and behind him, the doors closed and the lights fell. Darkness swooned in on his lonely soul. He walked towards home breathing in the night’s air.

Only the dim street lights shone.

The city was asleep.




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Satyr #1.1


She was a creature of exquisite beauty. Her dusky eyes dazzled like the stars of the night. She charmed the soul. Her lips were full and they had not the rosy hue of Snow White or Cinderella. They were a tinge of pink and dark. Her shadowy locks fell about her shoulder like a cascade of rippling waters. She was not fair. She was the night’s dame.

She was the drizzle in the scorching heat.

Simple things, she loved, like books, the wind, the sea and being alone.

Her favorite haunt was the café down the street. One could find her, clad in one of the sombre dresses she owned, sipping coffee at the end table, looking out at the streets with earnest eyes, the perfect picture of solitude.

Day 1 :

When the busy monotonous city life was more than he could take, he would turn around to this quaint place and relish his coffee in lost thoughts.

The end table with the window overlooking the street was his province. He would silently, look out the window and gaze at the passers-by and drink upon the realization that each random passerby is living a life as original and crowded with worries, friends and all that is life. Each person living their own period piece and sometimes, you are just invisible, nothing but a voice at a distance.

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