Masala Chai

Who starts off a cooking series screaming she is terrible at it and ultimately shares her wisdom in the art?


Rewind to kitchen escapades#1 , you’d know how I took Chef Gasteau ‘s words seriously , ‘Anyone can cook’ and chanced upon the making of an edible seafood dish.

A year later and still only a dish up my sleeve , I have decided to master the sacred art of cooking. This decision was not taken lightly, the fact that I need to eat when I am in a foreign land with my mom a thousand miles away hit me like lightning and I proceeded to learn the names of the ‘thingies’ in the kitchen.

Long story short,I decided to start off with the much familiar(to you, not me) technique of making tea because who would survive without tea,not me.

Half a cup of milk and half a cup of water on the stove brought to a boil, a tea spoon of tea powder and some, a tablespoon of sugar stirred in and voila, you have tea.

To elevate this so called regular tea into something out of this world, try my recipe, I assure you its EDIBLE, has strong flavour and does that magic only tea can do to your senses.

Recipe for one:

1. Pour half a cup of milk and half a cup of water in your tea pot.
2. Place this on the stove and switch it on. ( This is very important)
3. Add a clove, a pinch of cinnamon or a tiny piece of the cinnamon stick and a cardamom split open to the mixture.
4. Let it boil.
5. Once it starts foaming up, switch to low flame, add one teaspoon of tea powder and one tablespoon of sugar as you so wish in the boiling mixture.
6. Let it sink in.
7. Switch off the stove
8. Sieve the mixture into a cup
9. And voila, you have that cup of tea fleeting aromatic masala notes into your splendid nasal sensors.
10. Now, drink. 😛