Kitchen Escapades #1

I have had my share of trysts in the kitchen. I could be best described to you in the word of Linguini from Ratatouille , “And you’re thin…for someone who loves food”. The savory aroma wafting through the kitchen has seldom not seduced me .

The kitchen was a war zone with  amachi yelling “don’t do that”, mom yelling “don’t do that”, my aunts yelling “don’t do that”, dad yelling “don’t do that” and the lot of us kids whipping up ‘manna’. Suffice to say that none of the stuff was edible and more than once, we served it to unsuspecting guests (with good intentions, obviously).

They say that too many cooks spoil the broth, I guess that’s what happened. But I have never ever given up. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Even though my chocolate cake turned out to be just char , my biscuits brittle, my custard burnt, my rasam was not rasam, my pancakes looked like crepes, and my coffee way bitter,I had never given up.

In the words of Chef Gasteau, I found my motivation, his motto read, “Anyone can cook”. All I had to do was follow a recipe online. “If it says  boil two cups of salt, you boil two cups of salt”.That’s about it.

I had to be cautious. The kitchen was dangerous territory. People didn’t even trust me to make instant noodles,the last time I made it , it was too watery.Not my fault though. The pan was too large. Heck, they didn’t even trust me to boil water properly . But all that was about to change!

It was a fine morning and I decided to enhance my culinary skills. 😀  There was finely cut kingfish in the freezer. I mixed up some powdered pepper with a bit of salt and marinated the fish. After some time, I chopped up shallots,chillies, garlic and ginger, mixed them all together and squeezed a lemon into the mixture and strew half of the mixture onto the baking tray and gently placed my beautiful piece of fish onto it. I strew more of the mixture onto my fish and squeezed half a lemon onto it.Put’em in the oven, set the temp to high, time to 4 mins and waited patiently.  And just about three minutes past, a divine smell strode in and “tickled  my nostrils as the nostrils of Jehovah were tickled by the burned offerings of the virtuous Semites”.

It wasn’t burnt. It wasn’t bitter. It was edible. And sure enough, it was amazing, it was perfect, and the best way that I had ever ate fish!