Forever Love. (Microfiction #11)

I looked upon thine eye
and saw love that made me
Forgive me, my Lord
for errors done.
and help me walk to thy
Be my father, friend and guide
Always be my side
Help me love the way You love
so that I to myself may be true
And no matterwhat, may I
forgive and forget,
Always be thine child.


Microfiction #9

there is a crowd
panic settles in
and I stand there with a smile
plastered on my nervous face

come out, come out,
I beckon
but no words escape
my voice box

someone asks me something
I look in awe
and hide behind that façade
they call a smile

I wish I could open my mouth
and captive the crowd with
an astounding spell of charisma
but alas!
no courage emerges

baby steps, I say

I didn’t know there was
a name for me
an introvert they say
but am I glad
there are others like me