Microfiction #10

Climbing up the castle of words

One step at a time,

In the spire,

I find wrapped in red

A feeling

Raw and genuine

I took it to heart

And gave it me

And there and then,

It sprouted

Hope and faith.

And I lived,

A better me.


Microfiction #9

there is a crowd
panic settles in
and I stand there with a smile
plastered on my nervous face

come out, come out,
I beckon
but no words escape
my voice box

someone asks me something
I look in awe
and hide behind that façade
they call a smile

I wish I could open my mouth
and captive the crowd with
an astounding spell of charisma
but alas!
no courage emerges

baby steps, I say

I didn’t know there was
a name for me
an introvert they say
but am I glad
there are others like me

And when the darkness swarmed all of her,

Her cracks and pits,

On her scarred face he kissed,

And in his light she basked,

silver beams, her beauty sparked.

The oceans moved and the stars shimmered,

And in his arms,

She burned all night,

His beautiful queen.

Note : This is not a love poem 😀 It’s a poem about how the moon’s luminescence is stimulated by the impact of charged particles from solar flames besides the reflected sunlight.

Microfiction #1


I am beginning a new series of writings, to be more precise, Microfiction. I have read countless short stories and written some  and though I am not a master weaver, I am excited to put my imagination to paper. Let me know what you think.

She wrote in a flurry, the stories her heart told her of blue skies and autumn .

The pen rushed over to take in the picturesque  park where two lovers sat under a tree in autumn holding hands with their hearts full of  hope . She looked into his eyes and saw promise.

The writer stopped in her tracks , thought for a moment, crushed the paper and flung it off the table.