10 things I know to be true

  • Jesus loves me and will never ever forsake me.
  • My family is precious and cares for me.
  • Relationships are beautiful,that with a friend, sister, brother, and all your peeps*.
  • I am beautiful and talented, and no fear or anxiety can tell me otherwise.
  • Happiness comes from within, said someone, I believe.
  • The sky is blue, the sea is green ( So discovered on a boat trip) .
  • There is always, always another way.
  • Old books smell like vanilla, those yellow pages divine.
  • The earth is round. ( Sorry,dear Flat earthers)
  • Petrichor is the sanguine smell of the rain making love to the earth.
  • Everyone is unique in their own unique way.

How to be an intellectual?

  • Claim that you are spiritual or profess a certain belief
  • Be well read in the newest of the new books.
  • Associate yourself with a particular belief.
  • Use sophisticated words in speech like ‘ pseudo realism’.
  • Claim interest in current affairs, historical events, stories etc
  • Assert that you are past the impulsive (romantic) phase.
  • Be a procrastinator.
  • Wear a saffron Kurta (plain) and accesorize with a sling bag of dull colour.
  • Finally, don’t forget to sport a french beard!