Reverse Bucket list #1

Came upon this idea while reading this post

It’s easier to create a bucket list , to think of all the new things you want to experience, to do. I am cooped up at home trying to figure out ‘ What’s next?’ and I have been feeling that I’m in limbo.  So here I am, counting  my blessings and reminiscing how good life has been to me,

  1.  Spent an evening stargazing at Kavalur.

The entire observatory is stretched out in a 100 acre forest land in the Javedi hills of the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.I spent the day roaming about the beautiful stretch of land and climbing trees 😀 .  ‘The Vainu Bappu Telescope’ here was the largest telescope in Asia until the ARIES telescope launched last year. I sat in awe in a corner ,cross-legged, on the floor of the gigantic room that housed the telescope.I was too scared to step out on the catwalk , I stood there looking out at the picturesque scenery that lay in my vision, the bright beautiful flowers, the giant trees and the hills combed out far ahead . Evening came, and the entire 100 acres of forest was engulfed in darkness ,I lay on the prickly grass staring at the multitude of stars above me , a soothing calm  growing inside me. I spotted a few artificial satellites blinking through the sky , they are a common occurrence, it seems. I could also make out the different constellations that adorned the beautiful sky, Orion, the hunter; the Big Dipper.

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