Satyr #1.2

Day 2 :

He had arrived early.There was confusion. Should he reclaim his throne or should he…..?


He lingered around and stared at the empty chair for a few seconds.

No, he could not bring himself to not let her have his place of solace.

Let her have the seat if she comes.

Would she come today?  Only if she came!

Really? Cut it out, you! You don’t even know her name.

He fancied a wishing well. He could just drop a coin and voila! There would be a burst of thunder and a bolt of lightning. Smoke would curl up from the ground and she would walk out of the smoky screen.

He sat there for what seemed like an eternity wishing she’d come if only to see a second time.

How could a man like him engage in such frolic thoughts?For all he knew, she was a perfect stranger. She could be the devil himself in the angel’s clothes. She could be a gold smuggler or a swindler. She could be nothing but a cheat.

Well, those would be the logical mind’s thoughts. Never ever to fall in love with a true stranger. But does the stubborn heart ever listen? Stranger or not, her eyes would deny all logical fallacies.

Stranger or not, his heart would only look at her eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the innermost being and he could only see kindness and insatiable uncorrupted love in those charming eyes. Continue reading “Satyr #1.2”

Satyr #1.1


She was a creature of exquisite beauty. Her dusky eyes dazzled like the stars of the night. She charmed the soul. Her lips were full and they had not the rosy hue of Snow White or Cinderella. They were a tinge of pink and dark. Her shadowy locks fell about her shoulder like a cascade of rippling waters. She was not fair. She was the night’s dame.

She was the drizzle in the scorching heat.

Simple things, she loved, like books, the wind, the sea and being alone.

Her favorite haunt was the café down the street. One could find her, clad in one of the sombre dresses she owned, sipping coffee at the end table, looking out at the streets with earnest eyes, the perfect picture of solitude.

Day 1 :

When the busy monotonous city life was more than he could take, he would turn around to this quaint place and relish his coffee in lost thoughts.

The end table with the window overlooking the street was his province. He would silently, look out the window and gaze at the passers-by and drink upon the realization that each random passerby is living a life as original and crowded with worries, friends and all that is life. Each person living their own period piece and sometimes, you are just invisible, nothing but a voice at a distance.

Continue reading “Satyr #1.1”

Short Story #3

This is again another attempt to appease my emotional excess. Read on and give me your critical opinions,folks! 😀

The streets were dark and intimidating. There was no moon that night .

It was all but endless , smooth, even darkness.

How it came to be night or why I was not in the comfort of my home, I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was lost ,somewhere dark and nerve wracking.

There was not a soul in sight if the dark would let them be seen nor the rustle of a leaf.

I cautiously moved, one step at a time, searching for light, a safe path in the blinding darkness.

Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the dark haze and I could make out the tall buildings that lined down the road.

The windows were all shut, I imagined . No light came from them. I stood still for a moment taking in the darkness and the shapes I could make out. I crept up to what seemed to be a wall and sank down on the floor.

I sat there for hours and hours. Somehow, time would not move on.

Solitude, I loved. But not for one moment in my life did I think that I’d want company, a hand to hold.

The quiet place near the sea where I sat lost in thought watching the waves kiss the shores came to memory.

I started pretending that this was also such a place, where I could be alone when I wished. But fear wouldn’t loosen her hold on me. I couldn’t pretend that the depths of darkness didn’t scare me.

I remembered the nights I spent under the starry sky. I would just lie on the terrace staring up at the sky.

What I thought, I had no idea. I would lie awake a long time and then the cold air would wrap her arms around me and I’d soon fall asleep in her embrace.

This place was quiet. That was what most scared me here. Only if there was some noise. I longed to hear the kids play, the banging of doors , the TV at its loudest, the pigeons coo.

The solitude was killing my nerves. I closed my eyes in an attempt to relax .

I did not know when I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes it was morning and I was curling on a lonely pavement . The streets were deserted . There was not even a bird up in the sky. I walked into a building . It was empty. I went inside a loft. It was furnished to my taste. There was food but strangely, I was not hungry. I walked around. All the other apartments were empty. I trotted along the road hoping to meet someone.

The places seemed to make sense now. I was near home.

The park was empty. There was not a kid running around or even a slight breeze pushing the swings. I was distraught.

I was alone and grief took over me but I couldn’t cry.

I walked towards my house and opened the door. The plants were just like I last saw them. The house looked just like I left it except there was no unceasing noise of my sisters and family. It was empty of the people I loved.

I sank down on my knees and wept.

St John’s Hospital

Her mother, her father and her sisters crowded around her bed, hoping that one moment soon she would open her eyes.

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