Little things that give us pleasure

When was the last time you spammed your best friend with some no nonsensically ridiculous Snoopy dog stickers ?

Now is the time and that is exactly the kind of thing that gives you immense joy.

I know in the past that I have passionately described the sanguine smell of the rain kissing the earth, that warm cup of cocoa, watering your plant babies, smelling the sweet swell smell of vanilla on the old pages of an ancient book or how even sniffing a new book can give you so much pleasure.

But these lockdown days remind me of the very few friends that I have, our crazy antics and the pleasure in company. Laugh, eat, gossip (I’m not one to gossip 😀 Truth! ) and sharing food. Right at this moment, I’m craving for some wheat bread toast and tomato curry, right out of Ani’s round steel lunchbox, garnished with coriander leaves and fragrant with that rich smell of coconut oil, all sourced from her kitchen garden.

I know the most of you can’t reach out to your own monkeys physically, but if you are craving for some very serious laugh out loud pranks and can’t, do this – spam them! with snoopy dog stickers, stick figure, weird alien or bunny rabbit cacophony equivalent stickers. It may not be the epic prank or crazy antic that you two usually pull, but it’s enough to put a smile on your face and their face, and give you so much joy . 😛



P.S Let me know what happens 😛

Tiny joys: A Blogging prompts challenge

Who doesn’t love blogging challenges?! Do you want to weave words about the whiff of that vanilla and coffee that just drifted in, that sparrow perched on your windows, that Bible verse that oh so comforts you? Let’s come together and create tiny joys.

Even if you are not a writer, I bet you this will give you so much joy.

I lurve lurve to write! Nothing gives me so much joy. Writing has always been my happy place. I recently discovered how awesome it is to post prompts and then came a hurricane of ideas. You can twist ’em any way you like.

Here are five prompts, one for every day! Write’em all or pick the one you like most and pen it down. Be creative and do with it whatever you like.

  1. Little things that give you pleasure
  2. A Bible verse that forever stays with you
  3. A post in French or any other foreign language.
  4. A recipe for basically anything!
  5. A curated collection.

Rose Brown Life Goals List Maker Interactive Instagram Story

Nominating one of my favorite bloggers, Allison!



P.S Don’t forget to tag me or this post so I can find it! 🙂


NaPoWriMo 2020 #1

                                                 It’s the little things that count.


It’s day 18 of the NaPoWriMo series and it’s but day 1 for me. I was staring at the prompts pushing down my writer’s block and have yet to wonder if it’s fully gone down the slope.

That said, here’s my tiny tidbit to this wonderful series hoping words like magic would find me soon.


An Ode

A beacon of light,
You led us ashore.
Lucid and sharp,
Simple yet bold.
With a heart of gold
And an iron fist
May you lead
many more like us
To safe harbors.

Note: This is a poem I wrote for a dear teacher at the behest of her loving students.