NaPoWriMo 2020 #1

                                                 It’s the little things that count.


It’s day 18 of the NaPoWriMo series and it’s but day 1 for me. I was staring at the prompts pushing down my writer’s block and have yet to wonder if it’s fully gone down the slope.

That said, here’s my tiny tidbit to this wonderful series hoping words like magic would find me soon.


An Ode

A beacon of light,
You led us ashore.
Lucid and sharp,
Simple yet bold.
With a heart of gold
And an iron fist
May you lead
many more like us
To safe harbors.

Note: This is a poem I wrote for a dear teacher at the behest of her loving students.

10 things I know to be true

  • Jesus loves me and will never ever forsake me.
  • My family is precious and cares for me.
  • Relationships are beautiful,that with a friend, sister, brother, and all your peeps*.
  • I am beautiful and talented, and no fear or anxiety can tell me otherwise.
  • Happiness comes from within, said someone, I believe.
  • The sky is blue, the sea is green ( So discovered on a boat trip) .
  • There is always, always another way.
  • Old books smell like vanilla, those yellow pages divine.
  • The earth is round. ( Sorry,dear Flat earthers)
  • Petrichor is the sanguine smell of the rain making love to the earth.
  • Everyone is unique in their own unique way.