To-do list #3 Feb

I wouldn’t say that my To-do list#2  Jan was a huge success. But it was “okay”, I learned a bit of html, my photography skills are a tad better and I have picked up snippets of knowledge in astronomy ( I am the worst star gazer ever, living in a bright lit city  with only Orion, Sirius and the winter triangle in my view).

For Feb,

  1. Pilates,cardio and schroth exercises, 45 mins every day.
  2. Mathematical Physics : because I suck at it. (Any help is valued!)
  3. A scripture verse a day
  4. Html: go beyond the basics!
  5. Photography: Finish the online course.
  6. Astronomy : Better learn the winter sky.
  7. Read : The silent spring by Rachel Carson.
  8. oooo and bake!!!

And onto you, are you putting off things you have to do today for tomorrow? Let me tell you a way to cure that most common disease called procrastination,the Zeigarnik effect. Zeignarnik, a Russian psychologist, on sitting down in a restaurant in Veinna noticed that the waiters only remembered the orders that were on the process of being served, and when finished, it was wiped off spoof from their minds.She immediately set out to investigate this, pulled up participants and gave them twenty or more tasks to do, like solving puzzles. Then, she interrupted them between the tasks and  found that they remembered the tasks that were interrupted and half finished rather than what was completed.

When you leave something unfinished, it tugs at you, and sticks on to the back of your mind.This is why, most series end in cliffhangers, to keep you hanging! We are desperate to find out what’s next whether it’s a book or a TV series.

So, if you are putting off something, just give yourself the push and make that small start, for when once you begin, you are bound to complete it or it leaves you restless by the Zeigarnik effect. Make that start.






How to be an intellectual?

  • Claim that you are spiritual or profess a certain belief
  • Be well read in the newest of the new books.
  • Associate yourself with a particular belief.
  • Use sophisticated words in speech like ‘ pseudo realism’.
  • Claim interest in current affairs, historical events, stories etc
  • Assert that you are past the impulsive (romantic) phase.
  • Be a procrastinator.
  • Wear a saffron Kurta (plain) and accesorize with a sling bag of dull colour.
  • Finally, don’t forget to sport a french beard!


The A-Z tag & The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello folks!

I was reading Allie’s post and thinking that the A-Z tag was Amazing and I scroll down to see that I was nominated to do it and the real neat blog award, Yay! Thank you, Allie! 😀

The A-Z Tag

A– A for umm…Aurora, B- Beaches, C– Chocolate Cake 😛 , D– Daughter, E-Eloquence, F– Faith, G– God, H-Hope or Hiraeth (home sickness for a home you can’t return to), I– Ice cream,J – Jurassic Park, K-Klutz, L- Love, M– Messier 53 (a star cluster, okay, I am being a geek, but that’s the globular cluster I spent a year researching , and cost me many a sleepless night, I was walking around like a zombie, high on coffee and not sleeping for weeks.) ,N– New, O– Odyssey, P– Petrichor (that earthy smell of the ground after the rains), Q– Queen, R – Ruggedly handsome , S– Solitude , T– Talk to the hand (the meme, a bit rude, don’t you think?), U– Universe , V– Venus(the planet), W– W(tungsten) , X– X’mas, Y– Yam, Z – Zircon (a gem)


The Rules:

Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
Answer the 7 questions they asked you
Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and let them know
Ask 7 questions for your nominees

The Questions and Answers :

  1. What is your favorite book?

It changes every year or at least every time I read an amazing book, now it is The book Thief by Markus Zusak, before that it was To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee  and before that it was Landour days by Ruskin Bond and before that, I should probably stop here,okay just one more, the Famous Five and Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton. Oh wait, did I mention Pride and Prejudice?

2.What is your least favorite color?

Red. Okay, I do have lots of clothes in red but red just makes me think of danger and I am a scaredy cat, honestly, I am a chicken.

3.Favorite song at the moment?

In Christ Alone 🙂

4.Who is your least favorite celebrity?

Bugs bunny. Okay, Bugs bunny is just a cartoon character but I used to love the cartoons and ate carrots only because of him. And, grown up me watched a rerun of the looney tunes and I can’t help but be disappointed! All I see is an egoistic and narcissistic rabbit  terrorising  the poor placating humans.

5.If you were transported into any book or movie what would it be?

Nope, not Harry Potter, magic is scary and I don’t wanna end up as fodder to dementors. Definitely, Famous five, the way Enid Blyton makes your mouth water with the food in the books, I wanna go in eat’em all and lounge in George’s  private island.

6.How is a raven like a writing desk?

“the riddle has no answer, unless it does. But it doesn’t, however it might.”

7.Do you have a conspiracy theory or theories you believe in completely?

The theory of creation and not the theory of evolution.

Now for the nominees,

Jazzy Blogs






You are welcome to do it if you like 🙂 and these are my questions :

  1. Favourite Quote?
  2. If you could be a superhero, who would you be?
  3. Favourite color?
  4. Do you know to climb trees?
  5. Why did you start your blog?
  6. Favourite series?
  7. Do you have a crush on a fictional character, if so who? 😛

So, that’s about it folks.



On reading

It started with Cinderella and Rapunzel, Alice in wonderland, Aesop’s fables and all those little stories in text books, balarama, Tinkle, Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman …

Famous Five to Secret Seven, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare…

Harry Potter..

Robert Frost, Wordsworth, Coleridge, e e cummings, Emily Dickinson…

Ruskin Bond, John Green, Grisham, Sidney Sheldon…

Wodehouse, Jhumpa Lahiri, Markus Zusak and many more.

Each time I read, I am not reading, I am morphing into an invisible time travelling ghost that fleets through the scenes, the one who knows it all . It’s pleasure that no else can give.

Maybe that’s why I am a fast reader because I need to dwell in that fantasy world. I read, I finish and I get back to reality. But when I read, I need to do it in one sweeping motion, no matter how many hours it take, in one sweep, I need to do it.


                          “She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live”
I have been trying to ease in and read in a slow pace, but that never happened except for non fiction. I know it’s important to read slowly, absorb and think about it. But does fiction fit that bill? Sure, I do that for non fiction. I have been wondering if I should pause, and maybe stop reading more than three books a week. Is it too much? I mean, there was a week where I read about 25 novels, back to back, non stop.

So here I am, promising myself that I will read only one book per week unless it’s a thriller. I’ll re read and analyze , absorb and remember.

What do you go for? Fast paced or slow?



Short Story #3

This is again another attempt to appease my emotional excess. Read on and give me your critical opinions,folks! 😀

The streets were dark and intimidating. There was no moon that night .

It was all but endless , smooth, even darkness.

How it came to be night or why I was not in the comfort of my home, I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was lost ,somewhere dark  and nerve wracking.

There was not a soul in sight if the dark would let them be seen nor the rustle of a leaf.

I cautiously moved, one step at a time, searching for light, a safe path in the blinding darkness.

Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the dark haze and I could make out the tall buildings that lined down the road.

The windows were all shut, I imagined . No light came from them. I stood still for a moment taking in the darkness and the shapes I could make out. I crept up to what seemed to be a wall and sank down on the floor.

I sat there for hours and hours. Somehow, time would not move on.

Solitude, I loved. But not for one moment in my life did I think that I’d want company, a hand to hold.

The quiet place near the sea where I sat lost in thought watching the waves kiss the shores  came to memory.

I started pretending that this was also such a place, where I could be alone when  I wished. But fear wouldn’t loosen her hold on me. I couldn’t pretend that the depths of darkness didn’t scare me.

I remembered the nights I spent under the starry sky. I would just lie on the terrace staring up at the sky.

What I thought, I had no idea.  I would  lie awake a long time and then the  cold air would wrap her arms around me and I’d soon fall asleep in her embrace.

This place was quiet. That was what  most scared me here. Only if there was some noise. I longed to hear the kids play, the banging of doors , the TV at its loudest, the pigeons coo.

The solitude was killing my nerves. I closed my eyes in an attempt to relax .

I did not know when I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes it was morning and I was curling  on a lonely pavement . The streets were deserted . There was not even a bird up in the sky. I walked into a building . It was empty. I went inside a loft. It was furnished to my taste. There was food but strangely, I was not hungry. I walked around. All the other apartments were empty. I trotted along the road hoping to meet someone.

The places seemed to make sense now. I was near  home.

The park was empty. There was not a kid running around or even a slight breeze pushing the swings. I was distraught.

I was alone and grief took over me but I couldn’t cry.

I walked towards my house and opened the door. The plants were just like I last saw them. The house looked just like I left it except there was no unceasing noise of my sisters and family.  It was empty of the people I loved.

I sank down on my knees and wept.

St John’s Hospital

Her mother, her father and her sisters crowded around her bed, hoping that one moment soon  she would open her eyes.

Jovi! Registered & Protected  EFHM-BBUD-BCVE-9HY8

“I am still on my zigzag way, pursuing the diagonal between reason and heart.”

I am on my own way treading the line between reason and heart, if only they were parallel to each other.

On this zigzag Brownian motion, I have collided with many other particles, some suck out the life out of me, some instilled in me new life and kept me moving, some just took all I had and left me stand still.

But I always, always move on, even if I am lost for a second, I move on, I buzz about and bombard with other particles.


And when the darkness swarmed all of her,

Her cracks and pits,

On her scarred face he kissed,

And in his light she basked,

silver beams, her beauty sparked.

The oceans moved and the stars shimmered,

And in his arms,

She burned all night,

His beautiful queen.

Note : This is not a love poem 😀 It’s a poem about how the moon’s luminescence is stimulated by the impact of charged particles from solar flames besides the reflected sunlight.